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Absolutely Spotless, Inc. Has Been the Premier Mold Remediation
Specialists in Eastern Pennsylvania Since 1995!

As the premiere mold inspection, mold testing, mold remediation and mold removal experts in the Eastern Pennsylvania area, Absolutely Spotless, Inc. offers affordable pricing along with practical solutions to your mold removal problems. All of our inspectors are certified through the Mold Inspection, Certification and Remediation Organization, and are trained to not only discover the extent of your problem, but to also find the source of the contamination. By fixing the source you will not have to worry about the mold coming back after the remediation process is complete.

Absolutely Spotless, Inc. is fully insured, Members of the Better Business Bureau, and has been helping the residents of Bucks County PA, Chester County PA, Delaware County PA, Montgomery County PA and Philadelphia County PA with their mold inspection, mold testing and mold remediation needs since 1995!

Absolutely Spotless has been providing mold removal, remediation, inspection, and testing services in Pennsylvania since 1995. With Locations in Bucks County PA, Chester County PA, Delaware County PA, Montgomery County PA and Philadelphia County PA, we are able to quickly service your mold remediation needs. As a result we can have a certified mold inspector at your door within 24 hours of your initial call. We can then begin the mold remediation process within days.

Mold Removal, Inspection, Montgomery County, PA

At the time of your initial mold inspection, your inspector will visually inspect all areas throughout your home as well as ask you a series of questions to help understand the history of the property. This information will be critical in determining the cause of your issues and the process that we will need to follow to permanently eradicate these issues from your home.

Many times there is a hidden problem which has caused your problem such as a plumbing leak. Often times we will discover hidden mold growth behind sheetrocked wall surfaces or on the back side of paneling or drop ceiling tiles. Other common places include underneath carpet and padding, the inside of your duct system, in crawl spaces or any number of other areas.

Our professional investigators are trained and certified in both mold inspection and in mold testing. This specialized training enables us to both determine the cause of your problems and to properly diagnose your issues. This specialized training will help us to provide you with a successful protocol to remediate your issues and prevent these problems from coming back. Specialized equipment including moisture meters and air sampling pumps are useful tools in the investigative process

We, at Absolutely Spotless, take you and your family's health very seriously and will strictly follow all EPA guidelines for mold remediation in your home.

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Call (610) 850-9104

Call (215) 458-2122